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July 10 2015

July 07 2015

July 04 2015

Life right now
38°C. Ice cream for breakfast.

June 27 2015

June 26 2015

My friends are the bestest - conjuring a smile to my face again and again
OMG my colleagues!

June 16 2015

June 13 2015

Back to blonde

June 10 2015

June 09 2015

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This is adorable

Distinguishing Asian Scripts

As a Chinese can I just say that the Chinese one is freakin accurate because everything is either blocks, has wings or has so many strokes that it looks like it wants to kill you.

the evolution of written language sure is weird like shit I can’t even conceptualize looking at that and going “yup, those are words” it’s fucking amazing

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Words for Pets
Seventh year: Perfectly coherent words, but in the pet's language, not mine.
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